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"[A] consistently engaging read, and one that should have you turning the pages long into the night....a great book about childhood. Malfi's at the top of his game, and December Park is a must-have for horror readers. Highly recommended."
--Josh Black, Horror Novel Reviews

"This is a frightening, thoroughly engaging read with a deeply moving series of narrative motifs running throughout, ones that needle the mind and tug at the heart in the best way and this reviewers only real complaint is that it had to end at all. A triumph of suspense, an affectionate ode to adolescence and by far Ronald Malfi's strongest effort to date."
--James Keen, Horror Novel Reviews

"A complex and chilling tale of friends, family and the often murderous secrets that hide in the dark. Ronald Malfi takes you for a terrifying visit to December Park."
--Robert McCammon

"December Park is one of those books you can't put down."

"December Park is a tale of five boys, searching for answers, finding themselves, and realizing you can never go back. It's about friendship, and the ties that bind. It's about childhood's last, big hurrah, never quite capturing that feeling of flying while sitting on your friend's handlebars as he peddles hard enough and fast enough to pass the devil himself."
--Horror News Network

"Malfi is a man of many voices, a sort of literary version of Mel Blanc (the "man of a thousand voices"), but all of his voices are captivating, though none of them quite the same. Horror and crime fans will find much to like here."

Reviews of CRADLE LAKE:

"Malfi deftly maintains the tension and engrossing atmosphere of horror by stepping up the pace and frequency of bizarre events..."
--Publishers Weekly

"Riveting, idiosyncratic horror at its best."
--Fresh Fiction

"This is, very often, a haunting and disturbing read. In places genuinely terrifying, it's also a book concerned with themes of hope, redemption and how your past can poison your present."
--Horror Novel Reviews

"A haunting and terrifying novel of madness and despair."

"This author has a new fan following him now!"
--Night Owl Reviews

"A tense thriller."
--Genre Go Round Reviews

Reviews of THE NARROWS:

"Malfi (Floating Staircase) brings a cinematic vividness to this story of a dying small town whose fate manifests as a nightmare of supernatural horror. Stillwater, Md., is in the final throes of its decline as an industrial town when it is plagued by a series of weird incidents: hordes of bats start appearing, several young boys go missing, and townsfolk begin seeing phantoms from their pasts. As police officer Ben Journell investigates, a pattern emerges that suggests something malignant is preying on the public and personal miseries of Stillwater and its citizens. Cross-cutting among the increasingly bizarre experiences of several principal characters, Malfi constructs a panoramic narrative in which the despair of individuals sharpens the sense of horror overwhelming the town. This smartly written novel succeeds as both an allegory of smalltown life and a tale of visceral horror. (Sept.)"
--Publishers Weekly

"So, here is a book that should appeal to most horror aficionados: well-drawn characters, horrific creatures, gruesome deaths, plenty of blood for you gorehounds, a soupcon of mystery and an atmosphere of dread that just oozes from the pages."
--Dread Central

"THE NARROWS is dark, creepy and eerily haunting horror fiction that will make your hair stand on end."
--Fresh Fiction

"You hear a lot of talk about 'The next big name' in Horror....If there is any justice, Ronald Malfi will be a 'Big Name'. But whether that happens or not, the man is an incredibly talented Writer, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future."
--Horror World


"Mixing elements of both horror and mystery, Malfi has put together a page-turner that, even when finished, leaves you wanting more. Powerful and chilling, Floating Staircase is one ghost story that horror fans should not miss. Highly recommended!"

"Floating Staircase deserves to stand alongside a Stephen King or a Dean Koontz--at their best. Floating Staircase is a mature horror yarn, but deep down it is also an exploration of obsessions and in particular the obsession it takes to be a writer."
--New York Journal of Books

"[A] thoughtful, multilayered tale..."
--Rue Morgue

"[A] clever, emotionally resonant foray into horror."

"Malfi's lyrical prose and sensitive approach only heighten his tale's emotional impact, and the final turn of events is both surprising and expertly set up."
--Publishers Weekly

"This is a super haunted house ghost story and an interesting protagonist and a great final turn-of-the-screw twist."
--Midwest Book Review

"[A]n outstanding achievement in the supernatural horror genre."
--The Crows Caw

"[A] must-read novel that just might garner some Stoker attention."

Reviews of THE ASCENT:

"A thrilling edge-of-your-seat ride that should not be missed....If you love thrillers that keep you guessing, this is a must read."
--Suspense Magazine

"Malfi delivers a nearly straightforward adventure story of man against the elements with man being the most dangerous element of all."
--Publishers Weekly

"Malfi, like the great documentarians, really makes us feel as though we are there. Another fine effort from this increasingly interesting writer."

"An exhilarating thriller."
--Harriet Klausner

"Richly detailed and filled with mysteries."
--Urban Bachelorette

Reviews of SNOW:

"A genuine page turner that grabs you from the very first word and doesn't stop cranking until the very last."
--House of Horrors

"An impressive work that leaves the reader eager to see more from this talented writer...Ronald Malfi's fast-paced plotting, smooth prose and strong, believable characters make Snow one of the best novels to bear the Leisure imprint in some time."
--Dark Scribe Magazine

"Some 'old school' horror storytelling of the highest degree."

"Malfi's descriptive writing captures the cold and desperate scene in a way that will lure new fans to the genre."
--Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Highly recommended."
--Erik Smith, Monster Librarian

"Snow is a throw back to some of the best horror writing of the late 70's and early 80's...Malfi has written a novel that is absolutely brilliant...a must read for every lover of horror fiction and is very highly recommended, you really don't want to pass this one by."
--Horror World Reviews

"An impressively atmospheric novel with a wicked streak."
--Dread Central

"An absolutely top notch horror novel."
--Famous Monsters of Filmland


"This is a bottom-of-the-ninth, two-out, grand slam home run of a book."
--Lorenzo Carcaterra, Author of Sleepers and Chasers

"The author's previous books have garnered him acclaim and a small but devoted audience; this one could easily life him into the mainstream."

"Powerful and harrowing...Shamrock Alley is hands-down the best novel I've read all year, and I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find another book that can top it anytime soon."
--Andrew Monge, Horror Drive-In

Reviews of PASSENGER:

"Malfi's florid descriptiveness and taut writing style grip the reader right from the get-go."
--Rue Morgue

"A gripping tale that the reader will not be able to put down."
--Literary Strange Digest

"A superb work of literature as well as a frightening examination of psychological suspense and terror."
--Fear Zone

"Mysterious, thought-provoking and gritty."
--Midwest Book Review

Reviews of VIA DOLOROSA:

"A spellbinding novel of the walls we all build around us."
--Hilton Head Monthly

"Solid characters and a story to match."


"With a voice that is clever and appealing...Malfi has proven once again that he is a genuine storyteller."
--Midwest Book Review


"Filled with lush, dark imagery, relentless tension, and sympathetic characters, The Fall of Never heads in directions you'll never predict and deserves a place on your bookshelf next to Peter Straub's Shadowland."
--The Harrow

"The Fall of Never is a suspenseful and compellingly original tale that delivers a captivating supernatural mystery with an eerie, dreamlike quality. Ronald Malfi masterfully blends psychological terror and traditional gothic horror into a sinister fairy tale that would make Stephen King and the Brothers Grimm shudder with dark delight. Highly recommended."
--Dark Realms

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